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CONTEMPORARY  (from age 4)


It came to our attention how much children are beginning to really enjoy expressive dancing. Lyrical dance is a wonderful way to move and dance to emotive music, allowing the dancer to portray emotion & feeling with technical and beautiful movements. This is a great class for those who love dance programmes on TV such as ‘The Next Step', and those who enjoy ballet, but want something less structured and more free.


We always keep our classes current by teaching up-to-date styles, and give our pupils the chance to practice partner work, contact work and lifts, and give choreography to recent music that they love. Our Junior class is s great foundation class to safety teach the basics and the technique required to progress. Our Teen class is, as always, more dynamic and challenging. We have a lot of pupils attend Contemporary who go on to take dance for GCSE and A-level, and find it so beneficial when it comes to improving their abilities. 

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