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STREET DANCE (from age 4)


We are most known for our popular, current and up-to-date Street Dance classes for children aged 2-16, and our Adult Street courses too! When we opened our doors, we were the first to offer 'Commercial Street’ classes, which are now being offered more frequently. We pride ourselves on being professionals in this style, but more importantly, it’s one of our most favourite to teach, hence why our classes are so busy! We sometimes operate a waiting list for our Junior class due to its popularity, and we also offer a Senior class for year 7 and up which teaches far more dynamic choreography - a challenge for our older students and excellent training for those looking to pursue dance at GCSE or college level. With our experience in the performing world, we know that we offer unique street dance classes in this area.
We now also run a boys only Teen Street Dance class for ages 10+ too!

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