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"STAGE STARS" (from age 4)


We have a huge passion and love for all things Performing, and so it only makes sense to have a fun, buzzing, electric Performance class for any budding singers, actors and dancers! We focus on West-end & Broadway Musicals, as well as the TV musicals we are seeing so much of these days. We are very proud to have two wonderful professional singing teachers, and ex-performers, with us for these classes who bring so much experience and energy to the classes! The kids love these classes and we spend most of our time laughing and smiling (even if we aren’t supposed to!).

Our Mini Stage Stars is the preparation class for age 4-6 year olds, run after school. This class nurtures little creative minds with poems, songs, mini dance movements and games which allow them to explore their talents. We have seen so many of our pupils blossom and grow through Performing Arts classes, and we truly believe this sort of after school activity helps hugely with social skills and self-confidence.

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